We regularly work with these clients to create their prototypes, pilot runs and low to medium volume production.

We’re proud to include the following international brands among our clients: PSA Peugeot-Citroën, Hutchinson, Trelleborg Vibracoustic, Airbus Helicopters, Cooper Standard, MGI, Anvis, Ernst Deutschland, AIMM, Merien, Defta, Gestamp, ...



What our clients say about us:

"If MECAM say yes, then we know it’s doable. They find a solution no matter how complex the prototype is."

Race Project Manager,
Sports Equipment Manufacturer


"We fully trust MECAM and have won several contracts thanks to their expertise."

Technical Director,
Automotive Parts Manufacturer


"It’s a truly professional team at MECAM. We exchange ideas and they do the rest: testing and researching to find solutions where others can’t."

Prototype Workshop Manager,
Trelleborg Vibracoustic