Assist in the design

Feasibility study

Thanks to more than twenty years of experience, our engineering department is here to help you optimize your part’s design.

We can advise you throughout your project to ensure your part’s feasibility in high volume production and low cost, with optimal range.

Thanks to this, we will be in capacity to offer the best prototype within your expectations.

3D Printing of your models

MECAM Prototypes propose 3D printing of yours models.

Once you have approved the 3D models, our team will work to develop and manufacture the prototype to the tightest of deadlines.  


MECAM Prototypes - mecam_0872.jpg

MECAM Prototypes - mecam_0876.jpg

MECAM Prototypes - mecam_0877.jpg

MECAM Prototypes - mecam_0878.jpg

MECAM Prototypes - mecam_0882.jpg

MECAM Prototypes - mecam_0885.jpg

MECAM Prototypes - mecam_0890.jpg

MECAM Prototypes - mecam_0898.jpg