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MECAM Prototypes, specialist in deep drawn prototypes, small-to-mediaum series manufacturing and 3D laser cutting

At MECAM Prototypes we specialize in developing deep drawn prorotypes, 3D laser cutting and fulfilling small-to-medium series production runs. We work with component suppliers, parts and final goods manufacturers in a wide range of industries including automotive, aeronautical, railway, sport, medical, electronic and white good

Our core business: Prototypes and Advice

MECAM Prototypes specializes in upstream operations for high volume production:


  • Assistance with parts design
  • Advice on the feasability of cost effective high volume production
  • 3D Printing of yours models
  • Prototype creation
  • Development
  • In-house design and manufacture of tools
  • Prototype production
  • Pilot of low and medium volume production

At MECAM Prototypes we place our core values at your service: responsiveness, technical expertie, rigour, team work, utmost respect for our customers and collaborators.
Our customers and employees are at the hearth of our values.


They trust us...