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Pilot runs - low & medium volume production

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Cost-effective, short lead-times

Our wide range of in-house equipment means we offer cost-effective, short lead-times on small to medium scale manufacturing for:

  • prototype production (*1, *10 units)
  • pre-series production (*100, *500 units)
  • small and medium series production runs (*1 000, *10 000, *50 000 units)

Whether you need a regular outsourced supplier of small-to-medium production runs or as a stop-gap due to delays with your industrialisation processes, Mecam Prototypes is here to help.

Fully optimised large-scale production

From the prototype development stage our technical design team is available to work with you to make improvements to your production processes so you can achieve the lowest cost possible.

Assistance with series production

MECAM Prototypes can provide, on request, its support and expertise to help your mass production teams during industrialisation, even those located abroad.


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